It doesn’t matter how much we can tell you about how we work and what we do, the only important thing is to know that we deliver what we promise by when we promise it.

CJM Bookkeeping Services has many happy customers and we will happily provide a reference so don’t just take our word for it..





I thought handing over all my bookkeeping would be difficult, but it was seamless! Delegating this task freed up so much of my time, so I could focus on the areas of my business that I enjoyed – plus my bookkeeping took CJM far less time (and swearing) than it took me!

It probably takes CJM 1 hour a month compared to taking me losing an evening or two to it. Also I don’t have to prepare anything for my annual accounts/VAT or Tax return, CJM liaises directly with my accountant, so I only have to sign a few documents. I wish I had employed CJM’s services as soon as I met them!

Eau Rouge

We started working with CJM a couple of years ago, at the time we were a small company that was growing and the books were just becoming too much of a minefield for us to look after, you can’t be an expert at everything and the monthly books and VAT returns were taking us forever and we we really weren’t sure that we were even doing it all correctly.  Since working with CMJ we have been able to concentrate on the other areas of our business (that we are actually good at) and have grown loads so that now CJM are running our monthly payroll, liaising with our factoring company and looking after our monthly P and L and VAT.  It’s amazing how quickly CJM can get through a huge pile of paperwork!  I would advise any small company to out-sourse their book keeping and can’t recommend CJM highly enough.

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