Why CJM Books?

Why CJM Books?

It’s a well known fact that anyone who starts or runs a small business faces the task of administering the books and running the payroll with great trepidation. For one thing, it’s a rare business entrepreneur who actually enjoys doing the books! For another, is it really an efficient and cost effective use of your time?


Do what you do best

Your best approach is to get on with the things that matter to you, the things that you are best at: servicing your customers and making money. In the meantime, let us – CJM Bookkeeping Services – take the strain out of administering your business to free up your valuable and costly time.

We set ourselves apart from others

When you choose someone to keep your books or run your payroll, you need to be sure they will handle your accounts with discretion while producing the highest quality results.

With CJM Bookkeeping Services, you can be sure this is the case. We only ever use people registered with an appropriate professional body. More than that, we take great pride in our work, setting ourselves the task of being beaten by no-one in terms of our professionalism.

Specialising in sole traders and small business, we make sure we clearly explain all the work we do on your behalf. We’ll deliver to the agreed budget, timescales and standards of quality that you want. And, critically, we are happy to act as your financial department, being totally committed to your business, while giving you the time to help it grow and prosper.

Want an informal discussion about what we can do for you?

If doing the books is preventing you from concentrating on your core business and its success – or if it’s simply getting you down! – why not see what we can do for you?

Contact us for an informal discussion on how we can help you shed the burden of administration while you focus your attention on the growth and success of your business.